Wig Aisle (Wk051L - 1 Lace Wig Grip, 10 Wig Caps, 1 Edge Comb) - Wig Accessory Bundle

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WK051L - 10 Wig Caps, 1 Edge Comb by Wig Aisle - WIG AISLE ACCESSORY BUNDLE: Contains useful accessories for preparing to wear your wig. 10-Wig Caps. 1-Edge Comb..

Type: Accessory Bundle
Length: N/A
Style: Accessory
Cap Size: One size fits mosts

Wig Cap - Stretchable nylon material is worn to hold hair in place beneath your wig


Choose a bundle for Black, Dark or Lite hair color. Comb ships in assorted colors. We will pick a great color for you.

This item is being described as accurately as possible and with the utmost conscientiousness on our part. We use information obtained from the manufacturer. Please feel free to ask questions prior to purchase.