Motown Tress (Tokyo Remy Bulk 18 Inch) - Yaky Protein Hair Blend Bulk

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TOKYO REMY BULK 18 inch by Motown Tress - Weave and Bulk - Remy Natural Yaky Bulk hair with both Futura Fiber and Ultima Organic Protein hair. Ultima is made from natural collagen and looks, feels like and has the best qualities of human hair.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Bulk - Yaky Protein Hair Blend, 18 inches Long, 100g (3.6 oz), Straight style. . Styling required to achieve the exact look shown.

COLOR INFORMATION: Ultima Organic Protein Hair is man-made.. The color you receive may vary from the swatch shown due to your monitor, lighting and the distribution of the color fibers dictated by the style.