Wig Care Information

All hair, be it your own human hair and synthetic or human hair wigs and extensions, require routine care to look its best.  Therefore we recommend that you first read and follow all care instructions provided with your item.  The instructions will provide you with the manufacturer's suggested information that your hair piece requires to be worn and maintained. 


In general make sure that you clean your hair piece using hair care products specifically designed for wigs and extensions.  Also store your hair pieces properly (e.g. on a wig stand) when not in use and detangle them routinely to prevent tangles and matting. 


If applying heat to your hair piece make sure to follow all directions per the manufacturer especially those regarding temperature settings.  If your item's instructions, tags or labels do not specifically identify your hair piece as being heat friendly, we do not recommend using any heat on your hair piece.


Also know that hair pieces that are curly and wavy require more frequent attention to maintain their appearance and fiber and construction.

We recommend contacting a local licensed beautician to assist you with styling, maintaining and caring for your hair piece. Especially if you have needs that are specific to your personal wear.