Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What color is the wig worn by the model in the main photo?

A: You can find the name of the color in the Product's Description. We strive to provide this information so that our customers have as much information as possible when choosing a color online. We work closely with the manufacturer to make sure that the color is correctly specified. If we discover discrepencies with the color noted we correct it or simply do not provide the color. In instances where a color worn by the model is not provided, we only offer the wig in industry standard colors for our customers convenience.


Q: How can I be 100% sure of the color I choose before I purchase online?

A: Colors vary by each manufacturer. Even the industry standard colors. Therefore, we highly recommend visiting a local wig store in your area to view the colors offered by the different manufacturers prior to purchasing online. This will familiarize you with the differences among the product lines. However, also note that an identical color number from the same manufacturer when applied to one style may look different when applied to another. This is due to the style of the wig and the mix and distribution of each color throughout the wig.


Q: How can I be sure that the color of the swatch I view online will be identical to the wig I receive?

A: We obtain our color swatches from the manufacturer. The photos they supply might also be enlarged in order to allow the Buyer to see the individual strands of hair used to make the color number specified. Please keep in mind when choosing a color that each wigs style may also dictate the use of different distributions and concentrations of the various colors that make up the mix (frost, piano, etc.). Also, each computers monitor plays a factor in the actual representation of colors viewed by the customer. The monitor will depict the color differently from the actual physical hair sample the manufacturer used as the source of the swatch. Please keep this in mind when purchasing wigs online from our store and other retailers.


Q:  Why Does My Human Hair Wig Not Look Like the Style in the Picture?

A:  The best feature of a human hair wig is that it can be styled and restyled. The styling possiblities are limited only by your imagination! You can treat your human hair wig similar to your own hair.

Human hair wigs however may need to be styled once removed from their original packaging and after washing. This is because being human hair, like your own hair, the style may relax and/or reshape due to being in the same position in the package prior to being purchased. As with many beauty product ads, the images are professionally photographed in an effort to showcase the wig in one of its best possible styles.

So you may ask "why should I buy a human hair wig instead of a synthetic wig if the style is not retained between washings or upon my receipt"? Human hair wigs are desirable because they look, feel and move like real hair. Also, the strands of the human hair last longer than the fibers of its synthetic counterpart. As mentioned earlier they can be cut, styled, permed and color treated in numerous ways based on your own likes and imagination.

To style your human hair wig simply use most routine styling tools such as a wig stand, curling or crimping irons on moderate heat, rollers, combs, brushes, styling gel and sprays, clips and clamps, nets etc. If you are unfamiliar with styling your own hair, a beautician will be happy to assist. Especially if you need to have the wig cut and shaped to your own face. Remember, human hair wigs won't grow back; so a little trimming at a time goes a long way!


Q:  Why Does My Wig Shed Hair?

A:  When your wig arrives and is removed from the packaging, it may shed hair.  This is mostly due to loose hairs that remain after the manufacturing process that are not attached to the cap.  Simply give your item a gentle finger comb and shake out any loose hairs that may remain to dislodge them.